Lashes at No.84

American Volume lashes €85

Multiple extensions are added to 1 individual lash, lightweight & long-lasting, allow 2 hours for application

American Volume Refills €55

Refills after 4-5 weeks

Nova Mink Lashes €70

Super soft luxurious lashes with a gorgeous glossy shine, dark enough so no mascara needed (animal friendly)

Nova Mink Refills €45

Refills after 4-5 weeks
Classic Mink €50

Classic Mink lashes are the orginal Mink lash they are applied 1:1 on your on lash and give a natural look to your lashes, allow 1 and 1/2 hour for treatment

Classic Mink Refills from €35

Refilling any lashes that may have fallen out with your natural lash, normally after every 3 weeks-max treatment time 1 hour

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