Full leg €30
From your toes to you thighs all hair gone

Half leg €20
Lower leg or upper leg you tell us

3/4 Leg €25
Not all the way to the top but almost, or any particular are you want that hair gone!

Basic Bikini €15
Suitable for you Bridget Jones

Extended Bikini €22
Tighter wax suitable for high cut underwear or swimwear
Full leg with bikini €35
See above

Full leg with extended bikini €40
See above

Underarms €14
Get those pits silky smooth

Full arms €15
Forearms, hands, fingys!

Abdomen €10
*please not abdomenal waxing can not guarantee removal of any excess flab, just hair!!

Hollywood €45
Totally bare!

Brazilian €40
Classic Brazilian wax leaving a vertical strip or a small triangle of hair at the front of the bikini line. All other hair from the area is removed

The Inbetweeny €35

Not quite a Brazilian, leaves some hair, hair is also removed from the ‘behind’

Brazilian with full leg wax €60

Hollywood with full leg wax €65

Lip €9
basic wax at top of lip

Chin €8

Lip & chin combo €15

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